IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell)
Dr. Ashok Chaudhary Chairperson
Dr. Anil Khatta Co-ordinator
Dr. Arvind Kumar Member
Sh. Pankaj Sood Member
Sh. Naresh Kumar Member
Mrs. Nipunika Rana Member
Dr. Ashish Ranjan Member
Sh. Ashwani Sood Administrative Officer
Sh. Lekh Raj PTA President
Ms. Shilpa Chaudhary CSCA President
Sh. Rishi Pal OSA


1. An academic/ Co-curricular activities calendar for the session 2018-19 is framed, which is as follows:

  • CSCA Constitution (2ndto 3rd week July )
  • Oath taking of CSCA (4TH week of July)
  • Midterm Examination of 3rd and 5th Sem. Of UG (2ND week of September)
  • UG Practicals (3rd to 4th week of September)
  • UG End Term Examination (2nd week of October)
  • Festival Break (4 Days)
  • PG Examination (3rd week of November)
  • Roll on admissions of 4th and 6th Sem. UG (1st week of December)
  • Beginning of 4th and 6th sem. Classes (2nd week of December)
  • Evaluation of UG 3RD AND 5TH Sem. (3rd week of December)
  • CSCA Cultural function “SABRAS” (4th week of December)
  • Industrial/ Educational Tours (4th week of December)
  • NSS Special Camp (1st week of January)
  • Winter Break (1st January 2019 to 4th February 2019 )
  • Mid Term Examination 1st year (2nd week of February)
  • Annual Athletic meet (3rd week of February)
  • Annual Prize Distribution Function (4th week of February)
  • Practicals 1st year (1st week of March)
  • Annual Examination 1st Year (3rd week of March)
  • Mid Term Examination 4th and 6th Sem. (4th week of March)
  • Practicals 4th and 6th Sem. (2ND week of April)
  • UG End Term Examination (3rd week of April)

2. Keeping in view the increasing number of students and in order to keep abreast with the changing environment it was decided to upgrade the existing ICT Lab in the campus. In addition to it was also decided to hire a lease line so as the objective of Wi-Fi campus could be attained.

3. Various Cultural and Academic functions are organized in the college on regular basis for which construction of stage on rental basis was a costly affair. In order to facilitate these functions and minimize the expenditure it was also decided to construct a concrete stage with in the college premises.

4. Since the number of UG and PG students in the college has crossed the figure of 3,000 it was a dire necessity to upgrade the existing library by creating more reading space. For this, it was planned to construct a fabricated structure in front of the library. In addition to it more budgetary provision for purchasing books were planned to be sought from the higher Authorities.

5. It was unanimously decided to raise the level of railings installed on the first and second floors as the previously installed railings were not sufficient of height and these were a threat to the safety of students.

6. Keeping in view the frequent changing in curriculum and to meet the needs it was decided to purchase new material/Apparatus etc for different laboratories i.e. Botany, Physics, Zoology, Chemistry.

7. Sports play very important role in the overall development of personality of individual. In order to provide optimum environment for the students of this institution it was decided to get the leveling of existing playground done by the concerned department. Correspondence in this regard was planned to be done for budget allocation with the higher authorities so as the leveling work of playground could be expedited.

8. It was also decided in the meeting that in order to speed up the construction work of boundary wall in the college campus the concerned authorities should be apprised of with the scenario of slow pace with which the work is being done. This was considered to be a dire necessity as there always remains a possibility of encroachment.

9. Keeping in view the always increasing number of students specially the girl students the threat of antisocial elements always remains there in order to meet this challenge a security guard was also considered to be appointed. Regarding this relevant resolution was also planned to be brought in the PTA meeting.

10. As per the UGC guidelines it is mandatory for an institution to be included in 2F, 12B only then the institution will be eligible to receive grants from UGC. In order to attain this objective it was decided to do the needful in this regard and required correspondences will be done with the respective authorities.

11. Various students lag behind in their studies because of various problems in order to improve them it was also decided to conduct Remedial Classes to Cater to the need of weaker students especially in the subjects of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Commerce etc.

12. In order to attain the objective of qualitative improvements it was decided to replace old black boards with white boards in phased manner.


1. Academic calendar as proposed for the session 2018-19 was implemented in letter and spirit.

2. ICT lab installation of more computers. Now the number of computers has increased to 80 from the existing 40. BSNL Lease line of 10 Mbps was hired in order to facilitate more number of students so as they could be able to develop technology friendly Outlook and employability potentials of students could be enhanced.

3. In order to meet the requirements of conducting various cultural activities a concrete stage was constructed in the campus. This is helpful in curbing various expense is being incurred on hiring a stage.

4. To Cater to the needs of always increasing number of UG/PG students, need of creation of reading space in the library was being felt since very long. To fulfill this purpose a fabricated structure was installed in the outer corridor of library and now 115-120 students can be Housed in the reading room of the library.

5. For the safety of students, a dire necessity was there to raise the level of steel railing in the corridor. The proposed work was done successfully. The height of the railing was raised and it was doubled to the existing one.

6. In accordance with the requirement received from various departments viz. Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Geography and Music. New materials/ apparatus were purchased so that students could be imported practical knowledge as per the requirement of changing curriculum.

7. Sports play very important role in the overall development of a personality. The institution has a wonderful playground. The proposal of leveling work was pending since very long, a budget of Rupees 15 lacs was sanctioned for this purpose and transferred to the concerned department i.e. PWD. Levelling is in progress and likely to be completed very soon.

8. The need of erection of boundary wall has been a major concern for this institution so that problems like encroachment could be warded off. The government sanctioned a budget of rupees 35 lacs for this purpose. Almost 75% work of erection of boundary wall has been completed so far and rest is also likely to be completed very soon.

9. Almost two third of the total strength of students are girl’s students, their safety and security within the premises of college is the responsibility of the Institution. In order to check the entry of unwanted elements, services of security guard have been hired on local PTA fund basis.

10. For want of permanent affiliation with HPU, the college has not been included in the UGC list of 2f and 12b so far. The process for getting permanent affiliation is going on so that institution could be included in the list of 2f and 12b at the earliest.

11. This institution caters to the needs of rural students mainly. In addition to studies in the rural areas students are also supposed to help in the household activities which hamper their advancements in academics. With the sole purpose of helping weaker students in studies, remedial classes in the subjects viz. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Commerce were conducted successfully.

12. As proposed in the meeting of IQAC, the blackboards were to be replaced by white boards in the phased manner. In first phase white boards were installed in some of the Science and Commerce classrooms.